Joining Perk
5% savings on fuel, equivalent to almost 70 litres per year


Earn 5 reward points per ₹100 transaction. 4 reward points roughly make up ₹1
Joining Fee

Available in 520 cities
Min Income - 20K/month
Joining Perk


Joining Fee
Annual Fee
Get 1996 Chqbook Coins

Other Fee Benefits

  • Earn 5 reward points per ₹100 transaction. 4 reward points roughly make up ₹1
  • You can easily avail the Easy pay facility, which in a way handles all your utility bill payments. You can earn up to 5 reward points per ₹100 spent on bill payment.
  • For all non- fuel bill payments, (except for a few such as grocery, departmental stores, dinning and movies) you will earn 1 reward point per ₹100 transaction
  • For the fuel transactions, you will reap a whopping 13 reward point per ₹100 transaction
  • You can easily redeem your collected reward points at any of the select 1200 petrol pumps throughout the country, as there is no minimum limitation in redeeming your collection
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all petrol pumps

Chqbook Review

The BPCL SBI card offers a multitude of saving schemes best suited for a common man who has to spend a lot on fuels for his daily job


  • WELCOME GIFT: At the very onset, a user is greeted with a whopping 2,000 reward points! This lavish surprise comes as an activation bonus and welcome treat. Practically speaking the reward points amounts to ₹500, which can be redeemed anytime as per your convenience at the select BPCL outlets against petrol transaction.
  • GLOBAL ACCEPTENCE: Secondly the BPCL SBI card is accepted throughout the wide globe. It is an international card like the visa ones, opening up a borderless world in front of you. You can use this card to transact in any of the 24 million stores scattered throughout the globe, including 3.25 lakh select stores in India.
  • EASY BILL PAYMENT: The users of the SBI BPCL card can utilize the Easy bill pay feature to pay various important bills such as internet, electricity, telephone effortlessly.
  • EMI BALANCE TRANSFER: A BPCL SBI card holder is offered with the option of transferring his due EMI'S into their BPCL card, and repay in easy monthly instalments, at a lower interest rate. The facility can be availed by net banking or by informing the customer care.
  • EASY REPAYMENTS: using the flexi-pay option the BPCL SBI card holder can easily repay their transactions.
  • ADD ON CARDS: another prime benefit that you will get while using the BPCL SBI card is availing the add-on cards for free. Family members of the original card holder (must be above 18 years of age) can easily avail the add on cards.
  • EASY MONEY: Another ground breaking feature of the BPCL SBI card is the easy money feature which you can avail quite easily. To begin with the scheme is quite simple- just converting your cash limit into actual cash using net banking. The same thing can be done by requesting a draft or cheque as well, which will be delivered to your address.
  • FUEL SURCHARGE WAIVER: as a BPCL SBI card holder you are entitled to a surcharge waiver of 1% up to 4000 thousand rupees. In this scheme you can effectively waive ₹1200 annually.


  • As the BPCL SBI card is essentially formulated to ease the burden of fuel costs, which seriously bothers a common man, it hardly takes care of the other aspects such as entertainment and luxury. Thus benefits in those fields are limited to a large scale

Joining Perks

  • At the time of joining, the BPCL SBI card holder will get 2000 reward point, roughly equivalent to ₹500, which can be redeemed at any one of the select BPCL outlet, redeeming using the BPCL vouchers or buying stuffs from the SBI cards reward catalogue- shop n smile


  • While applying for the BPCL SBI card you must be of 21 years of age.
  • Moreover the applicant must be an Indian citizen

Documents Required

  • To avail the BPCL SBI card you need to submit your bank statements for the past 6 months
  • You need to furnish your PAN card
  • You need to submit your address proof. It can be any one of the following- driving license, aadhar card, voter card, electricity bill and so on


  • Without any doubt this card is the most rewarding fuel cards of the country. The fuel saving benefits that the card offers is unmatched for
  • The BPCL SBI card makes up for almost 5% savings on fuel, equivalent to almost 70 liters per year
  • It also helps the card holder to make savings in other fields such as groceries, utility bill payments, and other stuffs of bare necessity
  • The extensive reward point programme is best suited for the common man on a budget