Joining Perk
10 reward points per ₹100 spent on Departmental stores and Grocery
Mumbai Metro SBI Card

Mumbai Metro SBI Card

2000 turbo points on expenditure of ₹2000 within initial 60 days
Joining Fee

Available in 520 cities
Min Income - 20K/month
Joining Perk


Joining Fee
Annual Fee
Get 1996 Chqbook Coins

Other Fee Benefits

  • 2000 turbo points on expenditure of ₹2000 within initial 60 days
  • With the facility for Easy Utility Bill Payment from Mumbai Metro SBI Card you can always the flexibility of paying bills on time. All your utility bills like insurance, electricity, telephone can get paid on time with this advantage from Mumbai Metro SBI Card
  • The sense of security of the customers is sacrosanct to us. Mumbai Metro SBI Card automatically gives you a complete sense of security with our SBI Card Customer Helpline and 24-hr MasterCard Global Customer Assistance Services available across the world in case of any kind of emergency.
  • Here is your opportunity to save money while paying the dues on your credit card! SBI brings you a quick and expedient way to transfer the amount outstanding with the facility for balance transfer from your other card to your Mumbai Metro SBI Card at most economical rates of Interest.
  • Flexipay is an easy installment plan from Mumbai Metro SBI Card, which enables you to buy anything and repay in trouble-free monthly installments. Select the plan which is best for your financial requisites and avail of reasonable rates of interest on this EMI Credit Card. Take advantage of all these facilities through a phone call within 10 days of your purchase.
  • With the Easy Money feature you can order a bank draft whenever you want by just making a local call to the SBI Card Customer Helpline. The amount of the draft will be billed immediately to your Mumbai Metro SBI Card. The Easy Money is very flexible for paying bills, fees, taxes etc.
  • No lags in postal deliveries or lost statements. No delay in payments. Enjoy the comfort of delivery your monthly financial statement directly to your email inbox. Gain international access 24 * 7
  • Mumbai Metro SBI Card Alerts - This Alerts helps you to extract information about your credit card status via a SMS alert on your mobile phone which includes Mini Statement Alerts, Credit & Cash limit Alerts, Cheque alerts and Payment Assistance Alerts
  • You can now comfortably take care of the necessities of your family members. Your Mumbai Metro SBI Card now enables you to apply for add-on cards for your family members and children who are above the age of 18

Chqbook Review

Mumbai Metro SBI Card enables you to travel seamlessly on Mumbai Metro. It also comes with the convenience of shopping from various traders. The Mumbai Metro SBI combo card facilitates commuters to have one card which act as a travel cum shopping card. Apply to avail express privileges such as speedy rewards, offers of dual usage, fuel surcharge exemption, automated top-up etc.


  • You get the valuation of Rs 50 pre-charged on your Mumbai Metro SBI Card
  • Mumbai Metro SBI Card gives 2000 turbo points on expenditure of Rs 2,000 within the initial 60 days
  • Mumbai Metro SBI Card provides automatic top-up of Rs 200 when the balance amount reaches to Rs 50
  • You have the facility of dual usage through the Mumbai Metro SBI Card. Gain 10x Reward points and get rebate up to 20% on travel through Mumbai Metro and 10 Reward points per Rs 100 expended on Auto Top up
  • Mumbai Metro SBI Card also gives you the opportunity to win speedy rewards like 10 reward points per ₹100 spent on Departmental stores and Grocery and 1 reward point per ₹100 spent on other items
  • Transact an amount between ₹500 to ₹3,000 at any petrol pump in India to avail the offer on fuel surcharge exemptions
  • Cardholders get the reversal on Annual Membership Fee from second year of subscription on annual expenditures of ₹1,00,000


  • The welcome freebie of 2000 points is applicable for a new SBI Metro Credit Card customer. You will be eligible for a welcome gift of additional points only if you apply for a new credit card separately alongside the existing one. Besides, no claim can be laid on a welcome gift for advances in cash transactions, balance transfer and Easy Money Draft expenditures
  • The reward rate of Mumbai SBI Metro Credit Card is very meager up to 2.5%. Speedy rewards are confined to retail shopping and some other categories.
  • Mumbai SBI Metro Credit Card is affordable for Metro travel in Mumbai as an individual credit card. It means you cannot use the Mumbai Metro card for Chennai or any other city in India. It is mandatory to use different credit cards for every city. However, you can enjoy shopping in any part of the world at the merchant outlets with the Mumbai SBI Metro Credit Card
  • The rate of interest of Mumbai SBI Metro Credit Card is 3.35% each month, which is 40.2% per year. This is an exorbitant rate to pay when you default the minimal amount outstanding by the due date.
  • Mumbai Metro SBI Metro Credit Card is not designed with the provision for free movie tickets or dining offers
  • Mumbai Metro SBI Metro Credit Card is mainly formulated for metro travel privileges. Therefore you have no scope for luxury comforts of access to air lounge, concierge and golf spree from Mumbai Metro SBI Credit Cards

Joining Perks

  • Spend ₹2000 or more in the initial 60 days, and get 2000 bonus turbo point and also obtain a preloaded valuation of worth ₹50 on your Mumbai Metro Smart Card


  • Should have a bank account in SBI, in case you are looking for credit card on the basis of account
  • You should be a salaried person and should be above 21 years and below the age of 60 at the time of application

Documents Required

  • Photo copies of ID card, address proof and income proofs should be furnished


  • 10 Reward Points per Rs 100 expended on Movies, dining, movies, departmental and grocery