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1% fuel surcharge waiver on any petrol pump
SimplySAVE SBI Card

SimplySAVE SBI Card

Bag 2000 bonus points on spending ₹2000 within the first 60 days
Joining Fee

Available in 520 cities
Min Income - 20K/month
Joining Perk


Joining Fee
Annual Fee
Get 1996 Chqbook Coins

Other Fee Benefits

  • Bag 2000 bonus points on spending ₹2000 within the first 60 days
  • As the SimplySave SBI card holder you can avail the fuel surcharge waiver capped at 1% in any petrol pump
  • You get to enjoy an extended free credit period lasting from 20 to 50 days. However this extended period is only applicable on retail. There is another important clause however, the facility is available only if the previous outstanding dues are paid
  • You can earn 10X reward points while you enjoy dining, or go to movies. Moreover the points can be earned even while buying grocery from select stores and from departmental stores
  • The SimplySave SBI card would fetch you 1 reward point for each spending of ₹100 on any other segment apart from the above mentioned ones

Chqbook Review

This SimplySave SBI card does justice to its name, offering the user thousand and one option of saving his bucks, while maintaining his standard way of life


  • With the SimplySave SBI card, you have access to your money; anytime and anywhere. With the help of the card you can withdraw money from any one of the 1million master card kiosks globally
  • You can avail the easy pay facility to pay your utility bills such as insurance premiums, telephone bills, and internet bills easily. And for that you don't have to pay any extra charge
  • Flexible EMI option is available with the SimplySave SBI Card
  • Easy application for add-on card is now possible with the SimplySave SBI Card
  • You can actually choose your own gift against the point redemption scheme. Infact you earn a reward point per transaction of ₹100. Credit cards were never this easy before
  • Another innovative feature of the SimplySave SBI Card is the option to payback your credited amount with the collected reward points.
  • If your transaction volume is or over ₹90,000 with the SimplySave SBI Card, then you don't have to pay the renewal fees
  • The SimplySave SBI Credit Card has immense global acceptance. So as to say nearly 24million stores are connected to it on the global scale. So now where ever you go from Japan to France, you can efficiently use the card to enjoy all the flavors of the new land
  • Over 3.25 lakh Indian stores are also connected with the SimplySave SBI Credit Card


  • As the SimplySave SBI Card is more focused to a large range of general utility tasks, they lack specialization in certain fields. Such as travel

Joining Perks

  • At the very onset of using the card, you get to avail a hundred rupees waiver at your first ATM transaction
  • Moreover you earn 2000 cash points if you transact ₹2000 within the first two months


  • There are three distinct age group under which an applicant must belong while applying for the SimplySave SBI Credit Card. Salaried applicants must be between 21 to 70 years of age
  • Pensioners must belong under the bracket of 40 to 70 years of age. And for the persons who are self-employed, the age bracket falls between 21 to 70 years. However the final decision regarding this matter is solely under the jurisdiction of the STATE BANK OF INDIA

Documents Required

  • While applying for the SimplySave SBI CARD, you must submit the photocopies of your ID proof
  • Income proof: Salary slip / Bank statement / Income Tax Return
  • Address proof such as your salary slip, your voter or your aadhar card etc.


  • You earn a reward point for everything and anything you do with your card, however the range may vary from one activity to another. Say for example you earn 10 reward points if you transact your card for dining, for buying movie tickets or buying grocery from the departmental store
  • You earn one reward point for all your other activities
  • The value of each reward point is 25paise