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                Real value for money

                3 months ago | Sudhanshu Singh
                American Express is a brand name and this is a real value for money card as compared to others. 1st year fees 750 and 2nd year onwards 1500. And the benefts are great, which makes it a great deal for the buck.

                100% recommended

                8 months ago | Wajed baksh
                It gives you flexibility and convenience to pay your bills fully and partially and also give exciting offers on bookings on MakeMyTrip.com


                7 months ago | Nitin kumar
                Basically I didn't know about specialty of the, I thought to have one credit card. But then I availed this credit card, American express offered good credit card, I have done few transaction for hotels, shopping etc. Still one month not completed hence I didn't receive the bill.

                must have

                5 months ago | Tahir Memon
                Its convenient to use, the comparison between all the bank is very good and the paper less approval is also easy to apply for banking products without visiting to the branch. First time I availed credit card and the experience was good.

                expected more

                5 months ago | Raviteja Juvvanapudi
                I have taken a credit card with American Express, they had promise to give 1.25 lakhs however bank has given only 80,000.They did not update my contact details correctly called customer service to change the details,they don't have the options. Lastly, I am not completely satisfied with their service.


                2 months ago | Rahul
                I had taken American Express Membership Reward credit card from the Bank through online channel. I am satisfied with the credit limit. I don't know about the annual fee. I haven't used the card yet because not received the pin details. They provided a doorstep service for the documentation.


                1 month ago | Irfan pasha
                I got the card and the thing which I liked about the card is that they provide 24/7 assistance to solve your queries and also the servises offered by them are worth buying.

                100% recommended

                3 months ago | Lokesh
                The customer services are good and there are offers as well. I had a problem with my card and had to make an urgent payment, considering my problem they just did the emergency card replacement.


                7 months ago | Ajay Thakur
                It was a very good experience with American Expressway. The process is good and there are no issues. It was a timely process and everything was fine. There were follow up calls and the website is good as well. It is easy to understand and supportive as well.

                Good service

                3 months ago | Manish Gandhi
                I hold a credit card with American Express and the banking services are good. There are good offers and a proper credit limit as well. The card can be accessed all over. The customer support is good and they are responsive too. There are no issues with the statements.


                7 months ago | Kapil Arora
                I bank with American Express for the credit card. It is a easy process and the customer services are good. The credit limit is also fine. There are charges taken for the card. The offers are not up to the mark when compared to other banks. They can provided more rewards and cash back deals.


                6 months ago | akshay Kumar
                AMEX customer care is very responsive, if I call them any time, they immediately pick up and resolve my queries. But interest rate is higher than CITI or SBI. Its a good card but all the merchandiser wont accept this card. But I can purchase anything through online.


                3 months ago | Anamitra Jana
                I hold a credit card with AMEX with a limit of 50000. I am not satisfied with the limit. I have not yet received any cash back or reward points with the card. They do provide air ticket benefits with the card.Annual charge is free for 1st year. Customer service is not up to the mark


                4 months ago | Gopal Jasani
                AMEX card is very good.The process was very quick.At the time of my application i got immediate response from there end. The website is very friendly and easy. Later can also be considered.


                7 months ago | Prince Kumar
                I am satisfied with the AMEX credit card service. Their mobile app is good and I can login to the website any time and check for the statements. It is more convenient. I never contacted the customer support. I have been using the card for 6 to 8 months. They offered a good credit limit.

                Blown Away

                8 months ago | Manikanta Mani
                I am the first time user of American Express website,the customer service is good.They made follow ups and alerts on time.I am totally happy with the service ,the options are good.I use Mobile App is good and user friendly,i checked cerdit score.


                4 months ago | Sanjay Malwal
                I got a credit card with AMEX and the limit which they have given was 85000. First they have mentioned like there will not be any annual charge later when i received the card they mentioned an annual charge which i am not satisfied with. So i cancelled the card.


                4 months ago | Hari kishore mishra
                I hold a credit card with AMEX with a limit of 52000. I am not satisfied with the limit i was expecting a higher limit as i hold a higher limit with other cards. I have not yet received any cash back or reward points with the card. There is no annual charge with the card.


                6 months ago | Sangram Rout
                It was a very good experience with AMEX. The process is good and there are no issues. It was a timely process and everything was fine. There were follow up calls and the website is good as well. It is easy to understand and supportive as well.


                2 months ago | Satyendra Singh Rathore
                I have downloaded the application of AMEX.I got my credit card approved. The process was very quick.At the time of my application i got immediate response from there end. The website is very friendly and easy.


                4 months ago | Pragyan Parimita
                I wanted to have any credit card earlier, hence I took Membership Reward from AMEX. They are providing maximum cash back on utility, bill payment, and discounts on bookings through makemytrip.com. AMEX credit limit is sufficient for me. I am okay with the points what they are offering me.


                7 months ago | Prakash
                Its a good place for purchase credit card or any banking products, the online paper less process is convenient to apply and compare the benefits. I normally use AMEX website, the application is good and easy to access to search any banking needs products.

                Don't Buy

                7 months ago | Krunal Patel
                It is not upto the mark, they charge more fee on the credit card transaction. They never waive off any penalty and more over they wont respond to the customer's query. Finally I have close the credit card by paying all the outstanding dues.


                1 month ago | Ravi Khunt
                I have an AMEX Membership Reward Credit card. First the good thing, I have got a limit of Rs.50000 in the card. Of to the thing that didn't sit well with me, I am not able to login to the netbanking facility of the credit card. I have spend around Rs.50000 and more in the card but have just 10 points to name corresponding to it. Thus the repayment option with them is quite complicated. The number of offers in it is quite good though.


                5 months ago | ghanshyam kumar
                Everything is fine with AMEX and there are no hassles in the process. The customer services are good and they been responsive. They have been on time to contact me and give me the needed details. The website is good and very much informative.

                Must Buy

                4 months ago | ALOK SINGH
                It was a great experience with Amex Bank for the gold credit card, and it was hassle free too. I have not faced any problem. There is no preset credit limit. In other cards they have a preset limit. But here it depends on the payment patterns and the limit is enhanced. There are features of airport lounges. The annual fee is okay for me. But there is a fee called Conveyance fee on fuel. On every transaction of fuel I am charged that fee. For example, if I have put fuel for 2k, the charges are of 25 to 30$ plus GST. I was informed about all the other charges but I am not aware of this conveyance fee. The other banks do not charge this.


                7 months ago | Ekram Ansari
                The AMEX Customer service is not fulfilling the customers requirement on time. They need to focus on the implementation part. I have got the AMEX Membership Reward Card within 2weeks of time. The credit limit value is high with this credit card and I have informed the bank executives to reduce the credit limit value.


                7 months ago | Rajat Kumar
                I bank with American Express for the credit card and they have provided me with a good credit limit. The customer services and response is good. There were cash back offers and reward points and the limit is also good and there are charges, but it can be waived off on the usage.


                4 months ago | Mahesh Saini
                I got good follow up from AMEX team in regards to my credit card disbursement. The promotional offers are very good, I used the AMEX website, while applying for the credit card, which is easy to use and user friendly.


                8 months ago | Harsh sharma
                The customer support service is very prompt with the Citibank and they fulfill the customers requirement on time, they are well equipped with the product information , trouble shooting and etc, Currently I am using the AMEX Membership Reward Card and I am very satisfied with the benefis it offers.


                5 months ago | ishvar yadav
                Its been more than a year I know American express. The service is excellent with the AMEX team. I have used the AMEX mobile application while applying for the credit card, and I have got the immediate response from the AMEX team.

                Really Bad

                7 months ago | Keval limbasiya
                I have a Membership Rewards Credit Card from AMEX. Actually I am struggling making the payment. Only way to resolve this issue was to call customer care and were I had to wait in line for a long time to talk to them. I had a bitter experience in regards to this. I only used it only for 4-5 times, it got locked and still it has not been activated.

                Pretty Good

                6 months ago | Samir Rout
                This the first time, I had applied my credit card through AmericanExpress. The process was very easy and simple compared to the banks. They have taken longer time to respond. I have placed through mobile app. The features are good and easy to access.


                3 months ago | Rashmi Pradhan
                The telephone conversion and the online process is good in American Express, we can apply for any banking products without problems. I am using this website around 1.5 years, generally I use this site to search any financial information. Its useful and attracts me.


                3 months ago | Tanmay Saxena
                I have a Membership Rewads Credit Card from AMEX. It's a good card to hold on too. I haven't used the Card that much though. They have offered me a low Limit of $45000 in it. Customer care was proper, not that great though. The card is a Annually free card.


                2 months ago | bishan Singh rathore
                The American Express maintains excellent follow up and the communication part is prompt. The customer support service is good. I use the AMEX through social website which is easy to use.


                1 month ago | Henil Gajera
                It is a best experience with Amex credit card team. The offers and benefits are good with Amex every month they provide me with 1000 reward points and each point is worth of 25 paise at the end of the month I will be getting $300 from those 1000 reward points. I use to get 4500 cash back for 18 k points and also 7500 cash prize which is not available with other credit cards. The customer support is good, I am happy with the service of Amex credit card service.


                2 months ago | Ravi Handiya
                I apply through AMEX website it is easy to use but I feel the application is not much user friendly it needs some update. The customer support is prompt with AmericanExpress.com compared to others in the market. It is totally a good experience with American Express.


                4 months ago | Roma
                American express customer service is good, All the credit card details were given on call , Overall the responsiveness, service provided everything is good with the AMEX,In future I will again chose AMEX for applying credit card.Overall AMEX is giving good service.

                Very Happy, Must Have

                3 months ago | Deepak Gusain
                The American Express membership rewards Credit card Is A better credit card to use I have not yet used much with this credit card since I am using it for few days , I have done bill payments, On line Transactions, bookings on on line, The credit limit which I expected was not given but It was satisfied to make commitments with this limit , May be In future the credit limit can be High and fees also, Rather than that the credit card is good to use.


                7 months ago | Ankur Mishra
                The options are great from the AMEX while it comes to choosing the financial products, we also have multiple options where we can choose based on our requirement. I know American Express for more than a year. The customer support service is prompt with AMEX.

                Incredible Card

                2 months ago | Yogesh Ohol
                American express is a brand name and this is the most value for money card as compared to others. 1st year fees 750 and 2nd year onwards 1500. And the benefts are great, which makes it a great bang for the buck.

                My best buy yet

                1 month ago | Ashwin Shukla
                Bought this card a year back, and I have to say it has been a great experience. Its packed with features like 5% cash back on every transaction on make my trip. 30% discounts on dining + 5% cash back. You can also opt for 2 supplementary cards without any extra charge. 24?7 service and emergency card replacement is there. Online fraud protection gurranteed by bank, which just makes it a well rounded deal.

                Fast Easy and Simple

                3 months ago | Srinivas Singh
                The feature I like the most about this card is Contactless payments which make this card so much easier to use, it also has discounted access to a lot of Airport Lounges at airports in india which makes it a perfect card to travel.

                More than what I expected

                2 months ago | Ravi Kiran
                I own a make my trip credit card with AMEX. I generally use this card only for hotel bookings. They offered credit limit more than my expectations and requirement. Their services are really fantastic and no issues with them. Would fully recommend

                OK, but lacks accessibility

                1 month ago | Pankaj Jain
                Despite being accepted at less no of outlets, and high maintence charge; It is a card worth having.As compared to other cards no hidden charges to card holder. No call from insurance people. They are good as long as you pay on time, which also apply to other cards. The point system is quite good

                Well Rounded Card

                1 month ago | sai Vinay
                If you are an avid Make My Trip user, this is the card for you. The welcome gift almost covers up the initial fees and the annual payment. You can also enjoy up to 70% Cash back on Hotel bookings made via MMT until and of september. Which is what makes it perfect for family vacations.

                Great Card, Poor Service

                2 months ago | Anandakumar Gnanavelu
                I had bad experience with Amex based on my credit card. They have higher charges especially penalty charges, they charged 750rs. Based on some charges issue they resolved my quareis. Finally they waived off. Through make my trip I am getting good offers and pay back points as well.

                Not reccomendable

                2 months ago | Zakariya Ahmed kazi
                There is no point buying this card if you or someone in your family does not travel often. This card is focused only on frequent travellers that too the ones that travel with make my trip. As a normal card, this is pretty much useless with low returns and vouchers that you wont use.

                Great Card

                3 months ago | Samay Agarwal
                Great Credit Card for travelling! Would totally recommend

                Nice Card for Young People

                1 month ago | PAWAN KUMAR
                With low requirements, this card is easy for young indiviuals like me to apply. It has decent returns and does what it says. I faced a little problem during one of the refunds I wanted. But overall a card I would recommend.

                Good card, but not for everyone

                3 months ago | Divyesh Gadhiya
                This card has so many features but the biggest disadvantage of this credit card is that it requires a landline number of the office and in the present time lots of people are not using the landline . Other than that , this card has given me great discounts on several restaurants and hotel bookings. Overall a good card

                Travellers Rejoice!

                3 months ago | Sameer Tiwari
                For hotel bookings and travelling its the best card I've ever known.For domestic flights, 5% cashback is applicable only on return flights and is capped at Rs. 500. For International flights, 5% cashback will apply only on base fare and is capped at Rs. 3,000.

                Best AMEX card

                1 month ago | Suraj Manse
                Every person must have MMT AMEX card because its providing maximum benifits on traveling. Minimum annual fee Rs 1500 is making this card different than other AMEX cards.

                Would Recommend

                2 months ago | satendra kumar
                For Frequent travellers like me. This is the best card.

                Amazing Card!

                1 month ago | nagendrababu muthyala
                I am a frequent traveler and I prefer using my Amex credit card for petty transactions. I repay the amount via cheque. The reason why I have restricted using this credit card is because the charges are too high. I can view the transaction and billing statement Online any time and it is pretty transparent. Name of the credit card is Make my trip and I most likely to get good discount on make my trip transaction.

                Nice if used properly

                4 months ago | Patel Niraj
                The card is not accepted in a lot of areas.I got used to this process since I found the restraunts and hotels where it is accepted and now have a idea on the same.They have provided a gift voucher worth 12000Rs in the card.I get coupon codes for air tickets from this make my trip card from AMEX. Loving it since

                Please Don't buy

                2 months ago | Aslam A
                Very Bad Experience ! Practically cheating us giving rewards and vouchers for Make my trip only. A poor decision made in a rush. Will not recommend to anyone.


                1 month ago | Mohd Younus
                This card lets you avail up to 30% discount and an additional 5% cashback at more than 1200 restaurants with Dineout, including reservation of the tables. A great deal for someone that travells and usually eats out.

                Awesome card!

                1 month ago | Naresh Kumar
                Have no complaints for the card at all. My most used feature is pay in parts, where you can just split the payment in easy monthly installments. A card no one should miss !!

                Buy This now!

                3 months ago | Naufil Rohe
                There's upto 70% Cashback on hotel bookings till the end of september! The cheapest trip I have ever travelled. Had the best time only because of this card.

                Card without a purpose

                2 months ago | Neeraj patel
                I am really unhappy with the service provided by AMEX in the process of having a credit card.The credit limit offered was good but its not a card which is acceptable everywhere.I have not contacted the customer service and I availed a voucher which was not used because the minimum amount of purchase which should be done was high.I feel this card is used on out of country and not domestic purchase.

                Don't miss the opportunity

                3 months ago | PRAKASH CHAND PRAJAPATHI
                Spending just 2.5 Lacs gives you a voucher for 5000 rupees, is this the best deal or what !! Would want every logical person to buy.

                Brilliant and convinient

                1 month ago | Rishabh Jaiswal Rj
                All AMEX cards are great value for money, this has an added benfit for the Make my Trip customers. The privilege you get owning an AMEX card is beyond comparision. The best feature is the ezeClick where one ID will get you to 8000 online shopping destinations. This makes this card a treat for millenials of this generation.

                Mind BLOWING

                2 months ago | Masih Tamsoy
                Mind Blowing card for frequent flyers!! No one will regret getting this card

                Family friendly

                3 months ago | Tribhuvankumar
                Best Credit Card for families. Watching movies is a breeze as this card offers monthly Blockbusters Programme where you can Earn movie vouchers worth up to Rs.2000 every month. This clubbed with several other features makes it a great purchase

                Nice card!

                2 months ago | mohd rizwan
                The modern day card for the modern individual. One of the few cards in India that offer contactless payment options. The card is made for millenials who like to travel and explore. The integration with Make my Trip makes this a great deal for anyone, so a definite reccomend

                No opportunities to use the card

                2 months ago | Gaurav Mishra
                AMEX credit card is very costly and most of the merchants do not accept AMEX credit cards. Even the airlines lounges do not accept this card and for airline travels I have to pay extra!! the service is ok but I would not recommend AMEX credit card to my friends and relatives.


                1 month ago | Arun P
                Awesome Card with very helpful features and priveleges!!

                The best card!

                1 month ago | Krishan Yadav
                This card is amazing!! An Amex card with great offers and discounts on Hotels , tours and travels booking, additional discounts than regular ones, with Reward points on each spend. The unique thing that I liked about Amex cards are the reward points, they have a value of 30 to 40 paise rewards however, if you compare it with any other credit card issuers in India then their per value is 15 to 25 reward paisa. That is double to what you get. Redemption process is simply the BEST!


                1 month ago | KRISHN KUMAR VAISHNAV
                Although the card has good featurs and good deals, the rewards you get is only usable through make my trip, which I don?t mind, since I do travel enough to redeem them. However, I would like if they gave out flexible vouchers with some of AMEX's other partners.

                Truly Great

                2 months ago | Sharan Karia
                Went on a road trip with my friends and the 2.5% surcharge waiver at HPCL fuel stations offered by this card is unmatched for travellers. Saved me so much on fuel and travel bookings with great offers and deals. 100% reccomendable

                This card should not exist

                3 months ago | Daya Ram Kashyap
                I have the make my trip credit card from American express since a year. It is basically connected with the discounts on the trip and i am not happy with the card. There are many hidden terms and conditions to avail the benefits which will be informed only if we plan to get the offer.Annual fee charged for the card is Rs.1500. Interest rate charged per annum is 10%.

                Best Partnership

                1 month ago | Pradip Nenwani
                CO-branding means a best of both worlds. AMEX and Make my trip are both well renowned names in India, and have collaborated to make this card. The name defines the card, an amex card for the ones that travel with make my trip. Overall a good experience, got what i expected and facing no problems at the moment.


                2 months ago | Vijay Kumar
                Smooth and travel friendly, superb card and great deals with added features !

                An overall Average card

                4 months ago | Umesh Sahu
                Loving the multiple payback scheme that they offer cause I usually end up buying from those brands, and get great rewards for it, however for any other purchase, you only get 2 points which makes it decent but not an amazing deal. Reccomendable but please read the features and T&C before buying as it is aimed only at selective buyers.

                100% reccomended

                3 weeks ago | Dhruv Udeshi
                Superb Card! Planning a trip with family is a breeze now, only because of the integration with make my trip. The extra costs I used to normally spend on vacation is more than covered up by this card through vouchers. Cannot find a better travellers card.

                An absolute WASTE !

                3 months ago | Soumya Maity
                I had an Amex makemytrip credit card. I had purchased goods of 51k and 15k in mid 2015, which I payed completely through installments of 12 month . next I had made transaction of around 36k.?issue is: they are charging extra 51k which Amex don?t have any information of it.?also they are appending hidden charges on my credit card which is increasing every month.also there is one fraud transaction that happened through my card.I have called Amex customer care twice and have provided all the information. they still havent replied me back on this. what kind of rubbish organisation is this Amex that they were lure, lie and have no authenticity on their business.I will not pay this amount which I havent taken.

                A millenials' card

                3 months ago | Roma
                It's a modern card for progressive people. It's a card for the typical metropolitan Indian family that has at least 1 vacation every year. The adults travel frequently for business trips etc. I personally like the card and have beeen using it for a while now.

                Blown Away

                8 months ago |  Harish Lohana
                I hold a platinum travel credit card with Amex Bank. The customer services are good and it is a free card for the first year. The credit limit is good and the process was also on time. There are airport lounges which I can use through this card. Good overall.


                6 months ago |  Preeti Singh
                My credit card application was approved with AMEX and the experience was average. The process was quite long and it took 20-25 days to receive the credit card. I have a credit limit which is sufficient for this credit card. There is no annual fee charged for the first year and from second year Rs 4000 has to be paid. I submitted my documents online and the customer service was good. I did not find any offers in this card and i use this card for shopping purpose.

                hassel Free.. Great

                3 months ago |  Harish Lohana
                It was a good experience with Amex Bank for the platinum travel card. There were no documents collected physically, I had to upload it online. The process was on time. The credit limit is also good. There are good rewards on the card if I spend to a certain limit. I would get travel vouchers. There are no annual charges.


                7 months ago |  Kunal Mohanty
                I am having the American express credit card and it contains unlimited credit limit. I would like to say that the customer service is good one with the American express credit card. Online services are also better one for me with the Amex credit card


                5 months ago |  Shaluza Priyanka
                The process was smooth at Amex Bank and there was a proper response from them. There are no hassles I received the card on time. The credit limit is good and there are no charges for the credit card. It is a membership rewards card and in all a good experience.


                2 months ago |  Dipti Vaishnav
                I have got THE AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM TRAVEL CREDIT CARD within 10 days of time. The customer support service was prompt with the American express, their executives came to my place to collect the documents on time. I am not satisfied with the credit limit value, they have offered me the low credit limit value.


                6 months ago |  akash kewalramani
                I feel the American Express credit card service is best compared to other credit service providers in the market. The customer support is no.1 and the offers and benefits are good with American Express. The credit limit is comfortable for me.


                3 months ago |  Dipak Vidhate
                I hold a AMEX platinum travel credit card with Amex Bank. I get eight points for every 150 spent. I get a lot of complimentary offers at airports and the airport lounges. Since I travel a lot, this card can be widely used. The customer services are also good.

                pretty Decent

                2 months ago |  Kashif Dalwai
                It was a good experience with American Express Banking but am not satisfied with the credit limit. They just offered me a limit of 50K. The customer service and response was good. I took Rewards credit card. I spent 800 rupees on my credit card.

                Extra ordinary card

                7 months ago |  Nakul Khandelwal
                I had applied and got the American Express platinum travel Credit card through a on line partner. I can say it is one of the best and excellent credit card. They provided me a flexible credit limit which makes me happy and comfortable. I can strongly recommend their services to my friends and relatives too.

                Unhappy really bad

                6 months ago |  Prajyot Srivastava
                The process was good at Amex Bank but the credit limit is not satisfactory and there are no offers as well. I have received a platinum travel credit card and for the first year there are no charges, I would be charged from the second year. I tried contacting the customer care about the limit and there was no response.


                6 months ago |  Bankim Pandey
                AMEX platinum travel credit card is the best card among my five credit cards, its very userfriendly dealing with reward points and customer care is best. I never seen such kind of service in my experience they are polite and friendly. Offers wise they are good they give some cash back for few purchase.


                7 months ago |  manik chhabra
                When I was looking for the credit card at the time I got AMEX platinum travel credit card, they have good points for the transaction. I could redeem the points into cash or bill payment. Some what I am satisfied with the limit of the card, but I would like enhance the limit


                6 months ago |  Harshal Patil
                The process at Amex Bank for the platinum travel credit card was smoother that I expected. They were straight forward and it was a good experience. I have better limit on other cards, so was not much concerned about the limit on this one. I was looking for a airport lounge and i got it in this card. There are charges on this card and that is the only complaint I have. It is free for the first year and chargeable from the second year onwards.


                4 months ago |  Preeti Singh
                The process was okay to receive the Amex Bank credit card. I have received a platinum travel credit card. The credit limit is not much, it is of 50K and the card is not accepted every where, because the money transfer taken very long. Out of 50 places I can say 10 or 12 places are accepting it. There are no offers too and I am charged for the card. I have decided to close it.


                4 months ago |  Ishika Manglani
                I am using the American express platinum travel credit card from the last one year of time. Customer service is best one for me and the response is great one for me with the American express credit card. Everything is good one with the American express credit card.

                blown away

                6 months ago |  Rajesh Sachdev
                There was a one time annual fee of 3500 for the Amex Bank credit card. I hold a Express platinum travel credit card. The customer services are good and they were responsive to collect the paper work. The limit is good. There are travel vouchers if I use the card to a certain limit.


                4 months ago |  Nilesh Rana
                It was a great experience at Amex Bank. I hold a express platinum travel credit card. There are charges of 3500 plus taxes. I do get a reimbursement on the flight ticket. There are Travel vouchers worth up to 7,700 on an annual spend of more than a lakh and also worth 11,800 on a annual spend more than four lakhs. I also got 5,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points.


                1 month ago |  Devaki DJ
                I have taken American Express platinum travel credit card,the limit on the card is 1.5 lakhs.I would say its very safe and secured to have credit card instead if carrying money while traveling.The website is very useful to make payments online Overall, I am very much happy with their service.


                2 months ago |  Sumit Awal
                I have taken American Express platimun travel Card through online channel. I am satisfied with the credit limit of 25,000 rupees. I don't know about the annual fee. The customer service and response was better. They took longer time to dispatch the card.


                4 months ago |  Dhiraj Patil
                I am using American express platinum travel credit card from the last eight months of time. Customer service is an awesome, also the response is good too. I would like to say that the online portal is easy to access and everything is best to access.