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Imagining the world without credit cards is impossible to begin with. It has become an integral part of how we live and how we form economic relationships with economic entities around us. It has revolutionized the way with which we purchase goods and services from retailers. A credit card might seem to be like a plastic card but in actuality it is a powerful tool, and when used wisely, it not only makes the cardholder͍s purchasing power exponential but also helps to raise the credit standing too. This means that it becomes easier for someone owning a credit card to get their loan applications sanctioned because their credit-worthiness is reliable and banking institutions are more than ready to give them the loan that they need.

So how does a credit card work? Well, as we have noted, a credit card is essentially a plastic card that contains a microchip attached with it. The microchip is the most important component of the card as far as functionality goes, since it is digitally connected with the details of your account that is kept in the bank's database. When the card is used to pay for a transaction, the bank is notified and it automatically loans the amount of the purchase essentially crediting your account with the amount and allowing you to pay for the product you have procured. Since the amounts are actually loans that the bank credits you with, you have to repay the total amount of credit back to the bank within a specific period of time.

The Pioneers, American Express:

As far as the Indian financial market is concerned, it can be said without a doubt that American Express has been a pioneer in this field. Credit cards existed in India since the 1980s but owing to the sheer lack of awareness among the populace, many did not know about it. All of that changed, however, when the Indian government liberalized its economic set up in the early 1990s and opened the floodgates to welcome in free market mechanisms, foreign investment and the availability of scores of products. This enabled the growth of the middle class as a conspicuous aspect of Indian socioeconomic realities, and gave them immense purchasing power. This also coincided with the invasion of the Indian market by foreign firms and corporations who were eager to place their products and services up for sale.

At such a scenario, the pioneering service of American Express is worth mentioning. They went on a veritable campaign to raise the awareness of the customers. They succeeded in making people aware about the existence of credit cards and their usefulness both as excellent replacements for currency and as a tool for improving one's credit standing. They introduced a plethora of credit cards that catered to the needs and desires of the ever expanding middle class. If credit cards are popular today, one should be ever grateful to the work of American Express in the years following the economy's liberalization.

American Express Credit Cards:

Owing to the rich experience of popularizing and offering various credit cards for a variety of customers, American Express credit cards are a combination of that experience as well as the knowledge regarding what does a growing middle class wants. From travel to lifestyle luxuries, these credit cards have got it all covered for you. In fact, some of the credit cards have special innovations too, for example the Unifare Metro Card, which acts like a credit card and a metro smartcard. Therefore, if you are looking for the best in credit cards, why go far when American Express has got everything that you want?

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Real value for money

1 year ago | Sudhanshu Singh
American Express is a brand name and this is a real value for money card as compared to others. 1st year fees 750 and 2nd year onwards 1500. And the benefts are great, which makes it a great deal for the buck.

100% recommended

5 months ago | Wajed baksh
It gives you flexibility and convenience to pay your bills fully and partially and also give exciting offers on bookings on MakeMyTrip.com


1 year ago | Nitin kumar
Basically I didn't know about specialty of the, I thought to have one credit card. But then I availed this credit card, American express offered good credit card, I have done few transaction for hotels, shopping etc. Still one month not completed hence I didn't receive the bill.

must have

3 months ago | Tahir Memon
Its convenient to use, the comparison between all the bank is very good and the paper less approval is also easy to apply for banking products without visiting to the branch. First time I availed credit card and the experience was good.

expected more

1 year ago | Raviteja Juvvanapudi
I have taken a credit card with American Express, they had promise to give 1.25 lakhs however bank has given only 80,000.They did not update my contact details correctly called customer service to change the details,they don't have the options. Lastly, I am not completely satisfied with their service.


7 months ago | Rahul
I had taken American Express Membership Reward credit card from the Bank through online channel. I am satisfied with the credit limit. I don't know about the annual fee. I haven't used the card yet because not received the pin details. They provided a doorstep service for the documentation.


2 years ago | Irfan pasha
I got the card and the thing which I liked about the card is that they provide 24/7 assistance to solve your queries and also the servises offered by them are worth buying.

100% recommended

10 months ago | Lokesh
The customer services are good and there are offers as well. I had a problem with my card and had to make an urgent payment, considering my problem they just did the emergency card replacement.


1 year ago | Ajay Thakur
It was a very good experience with American Expressway. The process is good and there are no issues. It was a timely process and everything was fine. There were follow up calls and the website is good as well. It is easy to understand and supportive as well.

Good service

1 year ago | Manish Gandhi
I hold a credit card with American Express and the banking services are good. There are good offers and a proper credit limit as well. The card can be accessed all over. The customer support is good and they are responsive too. There are no issues with the statements.


9 months ago | Kapil Arora
I bank with American Express for the credit card. It is a easy process and the customer services are good. The credit limit is also fine. There are charges taken for the card. The offers are not up to the mark when compared to other banks. They can provided more rewards and cash back deals.


2 years ago | akshay Kumar
AMEX customer care is very responsive, if I call them any time, they immediately pick up and resolve my queries. But interest rate is higher than CITI or SBI. Its a good card but all the merchandiser wont accept this card. But I can purchase anything through online.


1 year ago | Anamitra Jana
I hold a credit card with AMEX with a limit of 50000. I am not satisfied with the limit. I have not yet received any cash back or reward points with the card. They do provide air ticket benefits with the card.Annual charge is free for 1st year. Customer service is not up to the mark


7 months ago | Gopal Jasani
AMEX card is very good.The process was very quick.At the time of my application i got immediate response from there end. The website is very friendly and easy. Later can also be considered.


1 year ago | Prince Kumar
I am satisfied with the AMEX credit card service. Their mobile app is good and I can login to the website any time and check for the statements. It is more convenient. I never contacted the customer support. I have been using the card for 6 to 8 months. They offered a good credit limit.

Blown Away

3 months ago | Manikanta Mani
I am the first time user of American Express website,the customer service is good.They made follow ups and alerts on time.I am totally happy with the service ,the options are good.I use Mobile App is good and user friendly,i checked cerdit score.


1 year ago | Sanjay Malwal
I got a credit card with AMEX and the limit which they have given was 85000. First they have mentioned like there will not be any annual charge later when i received the card they mentioned an annual charge which i am not satisfied with. So i cancelled the card.


2 years ago | Hari kishore mishra
I hold a credit card with AMEX with a limit of 52000. I am not satisfied with the limit i was expecting a higher limit as i hold a higher limit with other cards. I have not yet received any cash back or reward points with the card. There is no annual charge with the card.


1 year ago | Sangram Rout
It was a very good experience with AMEX. The process is good and there are no issues. It was a timely process and everything was fine. There were follow up calls and the website is good as well. It is easy to understand and supportive as well.


1 year ago | Satyendra Singh Rathore
I have downloaded the application of AMEX.I got my credit card approved. The process was very quick.At the time of my application i got immediate response from there end. The website is very friendly and easy.