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Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide
Get 2000 Chqbook Coins
Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide
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Our world has fast changed, rather very fast. For example, if we dig into the financial sector, then just within a few decades tremendous change has taken place, and all for the benefit of the end users. Even a decad back, while Travel, one had to keep in mind; or rather he had to invest quite a bit of his time thinking about monetary issues, such as how much cash to carry, or how to exchange the currency notes in a foreign land, and so on. As global commerce grew, and the world began to be smitten by the aura of a global village, this problem gained serious proportions. But just as desperate times calls for desperate measures, this problem also got an ingenious solution to it- in the form of a rectangular small piece of plastic. This small rectangular piece of plastic, or as we all know today as the credit card, revolutionized the entire domain of business and cross country transactions.

Credit cards not only eased the burden of carrying cash, and exchanging it into local currency, but the boom it created directly helped business and commerce to flourish. And most importantly, it won't be an exaggeration to say that the rapid introduction of credit cards in our diction and discourse gave birth to a whole new breed of Travel - the shoppers or the food vacations. Say for example you have come to Alwar for certain official or business interaction, and the entire tour has been on a very short notice. In such a situation, it is beyond any doubt that the Visa credit cards would come handy, and would bail you out in any such situation.

Classification of Credit Cards:

Credit cards are classified in accordance to the various added benefits it fetches along with serving its key purpose - to ease the burden of carrying cash while Travel. Credit cards are thus categorized into segments such as gold, platinum or silver, and as the name suggests; the platinum ones fetch more added benefits to the user than a normal silver one. Also the credit cards belonging to the platinum series have global acceptance. So as to say, a tourist from Alabama could easily purchase stuffs from a departmental store in India, using the globally accepted Visa credit card.

The benefit of a Visa credit card is not only limited to its easy usage anywhere on this big round globe, rather it comes with a wide array of added benefits such as assured cash back on Travel, deduction in the dining bill, and gradual increase of the credit limit with time. Thus the introduction of credit cards, especially the Visa ones has not only eased Travel in its entirety, but it has also opened newer pastures for trade and commerce. The Visa credit cards have made sure that you never fail to buy token gifts for your near and dear ones while on a foreign tour, a thing which was near to an adventure even a few decades back.

This credit card boom has helped in the economic development of middle income nations such as India, with cities such as Alwar becoming the trade and commerce hub. And the global clientele armed with digital currency have helped to revamp the nation in a new direction with its strong economic development. The credit card boom has also led to the growth of cashless economy throughout the globe, which in turn has led to massive development of the middle and low income countries.

Best Travel Visa credit cards in Alwar

Different Types of Credit Cards and TypesJoining FeeAnnual Fee
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card25000.00

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Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide
Get 2000 Chqbook Coins
Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide

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  • The HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card literally pays for itself – this is true Value for Money and it gives you something back on almost every transaction
  • We love the 2 free domestic lounge visits a quarter – and the 6 free international lounge visits per year
  • The Rewards story is very strong – and getting ₹0.60 for each Reward point is great
  • Post GST – this card still gives the 1% fuel surcharge waiver. Go for it.


  • If you use the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card for Priority Pass™ access to International lounges more than 6 times a year – there's a ₹27 fee
  • The Vistara Airlines™ Silver membership is valid for one year only – after that, its Upto Vistara™ to renew it based on your usage

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1 year ago | Bittu Ahamad
Happy with the service.


8 months ago | Najima Hussain
Can any body please tell me is there any annual fee applicable for this card


1 year ago | neetu hansda
My credit card was taken with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card 1 year back. The credit limit was quite good . Here the fees and charges are nominal . The customer service and responsivness was up to the mark.


3 months ago | dakch
I have a credit limit of 3 lakh for my Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card. I feel the charges are little high .The customer support is prompt The response is good,it is totally a good experience which I had Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card

Getting club vistara membership

1 year ago | Itun Sangi
You get lots of points through rewards . You can get club vistara silver membership for the first year.

Safe and secure

1 year ago | Nitin Munjal
I am using this card from last 2 years . The net banking is a good option for this card.the net banking of this card is very safe and secure.

Mobile app is easy to access

1 year ago | Tarun Devnani
I have taken a credit card with jet airways ICICI Bank coral visa Credit Card,I get good offers. Mobile application is good to access. Good card to use.

Complicated system

1 year ago | Ashootosh Gupte
The entire system of getting this card is very complex and delayed. Avoid using it.

Not working for me

1 year ago | santanu dutta
I have used other credit cards prior to this. The key benefits offered by this card are similar to that of other credit cards. This card didn’t meet my expectations.

DonÕt like may more offer of this card

1 year ago | Anwar Ali
I don't like many of its offers. Specially they don't give good discount on fuel with this card.

Great card

3 months ago | Basnet Kumar Pardeep
I am using this from a long time. The reward points i get is quite exciting. You get 5 reward points if you use this card at grossery shop and resturants. At every other places you get 2 reward points per 100 rs spent.

Bad customer service

1 year ago | Rupal Chetan Desai
Some times i feel bad about the response of the customer care. To answer a simple query then take very long time. They don't have proper knowledge.

Useful card for me

1 year ago | Surekha Lingolu
You can avail 2 complimentary visits per year to international lounges under the priority pass program. And 2 visits to domestic airport lounge. As i travel frequently it is a good useful card for me.

Happy with the service of this card

6 months ago | Tracy Sinha
For online shopping it's a good card. You will get 2 payback points for every 100 rupees you spend. It's a cost effective card. Happy with the services.

Great offer with this card

1 year ago | Vasant Chhotelal Badgujar
Among the great offers and deals provided with this card, one of them is at the time of Annual Renewal on payment of the renewal fees, you will earn 5000 Bonus JPMiles post 90 days of annual card renewal date.

Affordable card

3 months ago | SUKHDEV SINGH
Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card offers you attractive repayment terms at affordable interest rates and flexible tenure at over 2000 consumer electronics outlets, e commerce sites and leading merchant outlets.

Credit limit is very less

7 months ago | NASIB KAUR
I have been using this card for the past two years, i usually use this card in a very minimal way. The credit limit which they had given me is a little less than what i expected.

Not up to mark

2 years ago | Suman Jain
I have been using the card for past 2 months.I have taken Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card through online channel.But the credit limit given is not up to the mark.

Satisfy with this card

1 year ago | Laxmi M
I have taken a credit card from Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card, the credit card is user friendly i could use it for every purpose and get benefits. I am satisfied with this card . I would recommend this card to others.

Bad card

10 months ago | Varalinga Prasad Surasura
As a normal card, this is pretty much useless with low returns and high interest rates.