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The desire to buy things and to own what other people own has been a constant part of consumerism. The insatiable desire to buy and consume commodities mass produced by producers is an interminable process, one that is not likely to end as long as humanity exists. However, many of the best things that are up for sale are often beyond the reach of ordinary people, by the virtue of most not possessing the sufficient amount of purchasing power and so they miss out on buying the best and many often use hard currency to transact business.

Since the advent of credit cards however, the need to carry around hard currency can said to be a thing of the past. Being directly connected with your bank account, you can pay for anything that you purchase in an instant with a simple swipe of the card. The card in question has an attached microchip that is digitally connected to one?s account on the bank?s database. On the receipt of any transaction with the card, the bank immediately credits your account with the money that is needed to complete the transaction. This is how credit cards are making availing goods and services a simple affair.

Credit Cards, Platinum and Visa:

Credit cards can come in a lot of different forms. No two credit cards are alike. They may vary from bank to bank or they may vary on the basis of function even when they are issued from the same bank authority. In this basis, we can divide credit cards according to the features and benefits they possess based on the type of card they are. In this connection, Platinum cads are pretty common and they and almost all banks issue them. They are usually cards with a lifestyle orientation, meaning that the card is used for making purchases that are more or less related to the cardholder?s lifestyle preferences, including apparel and dining.

Another subtype of credit cards is the popular Visa card. These cards are ideal for making a large number of purchases and they are often partnered with brands in order to allow exciting offers and discounts to exist. Further, Visa cards can be used anywhere in the world, and almost all retail outlets accept the validity of a Visa card, save for certain exception. Again, Visa cards are very commonly issued by banks from time to time.

In many cases, banks have combined these two card types to form Platinum Visa cards that combine the best aspects of both the cards. You can now use this card to not only make lifestyle related purchases but to also avail amazing deals with partnered brands and services.

As a Lifestyle Credit Card:

Due to the wide applicability of Platinum Visa cards, it has been found that it could be used another iteration of Platinum lifestyle credit cards that are available in the market. Due to its wide acceptability and immense number of Shopping that it provides, Platinum Visa credit cards can be potentially used as a viable and successful lifestyle credit card lest you don?t possess a credit card that had been made to exclusively address the demands of Shopping from a lot of places. So if you are at Morinda and you want to purchase something that you like, use your Platinum Visa credit card without any sort of hesitation.

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1 year ago | Nitu Kumari
I am using Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card from the last eight months of time. Customer service is an awesome, also the response is good too. I would like to say that the online portal is easy to access and everything is going well sofar.

Many reward points

1 year ago | Juily
I have started using the account from 2012 . The experience i had with them was fine and the services had been fine. They have given me lots of benefit in terms of reward points.

Very very bad

4 months ago | Ravi Dube
I am using this card from last 2 years. I did not get any previledges from this card. It is a no use card for me. The services are really bad

I m really happy with this card

1 year ago | Manasi Dash
The credit limit given to me is very high for which i am happy with the bank. They really helped me at every aspect of time.

DonÕt have a lots of feature and facility

2 years ago | Mandeep Mallik
This card don't have lot of feature or facility. The one thing i am happy about this card is its buy one get one movie ticket at book my show online booking. But the point is it is on first come first serve basis which is not good.

Having pocket service facility with this card

8 months ago | Rahul Bose
ICICI bank has a pocket service facility. The net banking is very handy to use. You get lots of credit points with every purchase you made with this csrd.

Average card

1 year ago | Alexander Tadikimalla
I am okay with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card. But I would say that the service what they provide is not convenient at all.

Best card

1 year ago | Shiv Narain
Last 2 years I am using Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card with satisfaction. Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card is the best credit card.

No use for me

5 months ago | Nikhil Kumar Sa
The credit limit is so less that this card is no use to me. If you cant use it at the time of need then why to take this card. They don't even increase it after lots of request.

Happy with the service of this card

1 year ago | MASOOD K
You can convert all your reward points to buy fuel over selected fuel stations and can also earn more and more bonus points. I am very happy with the service.

Great card

2 years ago | Muralidhara Rao Chatragadda
You get lots of payback points while using this card online or offline. You can convert your payback points into cash by simply calling the ICICI bank call center and redeeming them.

Good card

6 months ago | Nilanchala Swain
The good thing is that if you spend considerable amount with this card you can also get a chance to wave off your annual fee.

You can access this card everywhere

1 year ago | Mahendranath Reddy B
I am satisfied with my credit card limit. I get reward points with the card. Mobile banking as well as Net banking is much convenient . You can access this card everywhere no limitations.