Signature Visa CREDIT CARDS FOR Travel IN Silvassa

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Explore Cards
55274 Reviews
Pros & Cons
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Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide
Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide
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Introduction to Credit Cards:

Topics such as credit cards hardly need an introduction in today͍s world. In a multitude of ways, they come handy in our everyday life. To begin with today͍s topic; so as to say in a nutshell, the benefits you will enjoy while Travel, if you have a credit card in your wallet. So as to begin with, the concept first came about to ease the burden of carrying liquid cash while on the go, and to buy commodities on the basis of credit currency, guaranteed by your goodwill. Within a very short span of time, this concept gained immense popularity, and almost all leading banking organizations were in a way compelled to introduce it in their system.

Classification of Credit Cards:

Credit cards have quite a few classifications, such as gold, silver Signature etc. These classifications are based on the amount of credit limit you enjoy, and the added privileges and bonuses you get. As the name would suggest, such credit cards account to more privileges than any other kind of card. Such differentiations are not only based on such foundation, but nowadays credit cards can be classified on the basis of the number of merchants connected in the grid, and the ability to be used at any place around the globe. The digitization of banking in this way has only helped a Travel enthusiastic, negating the headache of carrying hard currency with him.

Therefore, a number of cards can be divided on these bases and named accordingly, based on the features, benefits and privileges of each In this case, cards can be named according to the characteristics that they indicate, such as gold, Signature, silver or Visa. Such names would enable you to identify the card and connect them with their characteristics, making it easier for you to choose your card of choice from the available set of cards that the bank issues now and then.

Signature Visa Credit Cards:

In situations such as these the Signature Visa credit card comes handy. Firstly it guarantees cashback offers on Travel. And not only Travel, but the Signature range Visa Credit cards also offer a huge array of dining discounts while you satisfy your taste buds in a foreign city. Thus in a way this range of credit cards not only comes handy and helps you to cope up with the hustle of a sudden official trip, but it also guarantees a standard life for you while on the go, something which we definitely long for. The benefits of a Signature credit card is not only limited to some guaranteed cashbacks and dining discounts, but they offer you much more, such as gradual increase of credit limit, flexible banking plans and much more.

One thing is definitely certain, the Visa credit cards, or the Signature credit cards have eased the burden and helped to minimize the complexities of monetary transactions. The banking sector has become easier like never before, and the growing craze for cashless economy is definitely one of the key reasons, which is more helpful for a common man. Thus it can definitely be said that with the introduction of new ideas those rough days of managing cash is more or less over, along with the added tension of how to manage and exchange currency while on a foreign land. The digital banking system has eased the entire situation with its one step solution- the Signature Visa credit card.

Best Visa Signature Credit cards for Travel in Silvassa

Different Types of Credit Cards and TypesJoining FeeAnnual Fee
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card10000.00

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Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide
Complimentary Club Vistara™ Silver membership
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
Free Priority Pass™ Membership – at over 1000+ airport lounges worldwide

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Enjoy a host of special rewards, discounts and benefits with the complimentary Taj Epicure plus Membership Card.


  • The HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card literally pays for itself – this is true Value for Money and it gives you something back on almost every transaction
  • We love the 2 free domestic lounge visits a quarter – and the 6 free international lounge visits per year
  • The Rewards story is very strong – and getting ₹0.60 for each Reward point is great
  • Post GST – this card still gives the 1% fuel surcharge waiver. Go for it.


  • If you use the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card for Priority Pass™ access to International lounges more than 6 times a year – there's a ₹27 fee
  • The Vistara Airlines™ Silver membership is valid for one year only – after that, its Upto Vistara™ to renew it based on your usage

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very good

1 year ago | Tinu Thankachan
The card was taken six months ago.The customer service is good and prompt in responding to the customers.The process was quick and fast..Net banking is good to make payments.


1 year ago | Anupam sinha
Great Credit Card for travelling It has Access to Airport lounges and Railway lounges for primary cardholders as well.Would totally recommend

very good

4 months ago | sanjay jain
I have Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card.The card was taken 4 months ago.The customer service is good and prompt in responding to the customers.

Good to use abroad

1 year ago | Ranjit Tripathy
The card was taken only for travel purpose. You can dispense cash from all over the bank atms. ItÕs a great help for me.

Epic experience

1 year ago | Nimisha Patel
The most epic experience I have ever had using this card was when my colleagues gave me a surprise birthday party and I had to take all of them to a restaurant for dinner. Thanks to this card as I got a handsome discount on that bill since I used the card for payment.

Featureless card

2 years ago | Shubham Aggarwal
There is not even a single feature of this card that I would say is most admired by me. All the features are the typical ones offered by other cards as well.

Average offers

1 year ago | Sushil Verma
The offers with this card are very basic ones. Nothing interesting and different from other cards available in the market.

Grab the opportunity

1 year ago | nitin handa
if you are still not using this card then grab the opportunity soon . You surely must use this card because it comes with great rewards.

Exceptional card

1 year ago | SARPREET CHAHAL
what I loved most about this card is that 24-hour customer care call centre is available for assistance regarding your credit card.

Good card

1 year ago | Hariharan M
It has a facility to convert its payback points to jetmiles. If you are a frequent flyer then you can use it properly.

close this card

11 months ago | Ram Kumar S
I have experienced very bad service from this card. They don't behave properly with the customers. I am about to close this card.

Satisfy with thiscard

10 months ago | Suresh Kumar Itawdia
I hold a HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card ,i am satisfied with my limit. I have not received any cash back or reward points with the card. Enjoy up to 2 complimentary rounds of golf every month at the golf course of your choice based on eligible spends on your card.

Best card

1 year ago | Arun Kumar
The bank is extremely secured and their customer service is one of the best in the industry. They also offer good interest rates to the savings account and other accounts and also lots of credit and debit card options to choose from.

Cash back rewards are really good

1 year ago | Jaswinder Pal
The application process is very easy. They need information such as a copy of your drivers license and social security card. I chatted online with a representative and was approved within minutes. Cash back rewards are really good as well.

Great card

I am getting reward points and loyalty points from this card. Overall it has been a very good experience with the card and their services.

No annual fee

3 months ago | SATISH KUMAR SALUJA
There was no annual fee charged for this Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card. I have not issues on any transactions with this credit card

Good experience with this card

2 months ago | Anil Cyriac
I have been using Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card from quite some time. Their reward point system is good and i am getting regular reward points with the card. So far I haven't faced any issues with their services. Overall happy with my experience.

Useful card

11 months ago | Venkatalakshmi Palnati
At many points this Jet Airways bank Credit Card proved itself a very useful card. The reward points and payback points with the card is good. You also get discount on fuel.

Good credit limit with this card

8 months ago | Ramachandran B
I have my credit card approved with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card. And the experience was good. The credit limit given is also good.

Good customer service

2 years ago | Sudhir Kumar Singh
I have taken a credit card with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card.I have good payback points as well as redemption options are good. Customer service is good.