Does chqbook charge customers for this service?
We do not charge the customers for any of the services on the platform.
Who is a Chqbook Expert?
Chqbook Expert is a Professional Financial Expert who works directly with the Banks, NBFC’s and HFC’s listed on our platform. All our Experts have a vintage not less than 5 years in the industry and are authorized by the Institutions on our platform to deliver the product you choose. We ensure that every Chqbook Expert is the best in the Industry, is highly motivated, and wishes to build long term relationship with the customers. We also track each application across 100+ data points to ensure exceptional customer service is a given at all times.
How does chqbook decide who lists as a Chqbook Expert on the platform?
Chqbook uses a 10 point checklist before allowing any expert to service customers – these include educational qualifications, vintage in the industry, references, presentability and articulation among other factors – we maintain a high quality of service unparalleled in the industry.
Does chqbook only connect the customer to the Expert?
Chqbook ensures that the customer gets the product he requires through the expert – our Algorithms ensure every step of the product’s process is tracked and taking to completion. We have extremely high standards for customer service and ensure every customer gets the information, the right advice and is highly satisfied.
How does the customer know what has happened to his application?
The Chqbook Expert is responsible for ensuring the disbursal or delivery of the financial product – every customer gets a real time status of his application through SMS, ensuring you are always aware of the stage of the application. The Chqbook Experts’s sole responsibility is to ensure the customer gets a disbursal.
Can I change the product I applied for when the Chqbook Expert meets me?
Our Goal is to ensure you get the product selected on our platform. If however, you wish to choose another product when the Chqbook Expert meets you, discuss alternatives and go for the cheapest and the best option suited to your needs. Our Chqbook Expert will make sure you are aware of the best choices available - always check chqbook.com for the latest offers and make an informed choice like never before!
What happens after I book an appointment?
Our Chqbook Expert will call you once to confirm the appointment. You will also get an SMS with the Chqbook Expert’s name and phone number. We will also notify you an hour before the meeting. Meet the Expert, give your documents, sit back and relax.
How long does it take to approve a Home Loan application?
Depending on the Bank you choose, it could take anywhere from 3-10 days for your Home Loan to be approved. The best part is, we will keep you informed through SMS and email about every change that happens in your application. See your application move through the system and stay informed and plan your Home purchase much better.