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In our modern city life, it is almost impossible to tread a single step without taking the help of certain technological boons, and one such is credit card - a small rectangular piece of plastic, which has revolutionized the entire spectrum of monetary transactions throughout the globe. The credit card serves a lot of purposes, the basic one being to ease the burden of carrying hard cash everywhere, and to transact without cash. This concept of digital money has not only eased business and boosted global trade and commerce, but also has helped the end users, i.e. us. Just imagine the situation we faced even a decade back, standing at large queues at bank in order to withdraw a meagre amount of our hard earned money. And the process not only involved standing at queues, but involved quite a bit of complex paperwork as well, keeping aside the precious working hours wasted in this process.

The arrival of credit cards not only eased all of these mentioned problems, but it also opened a whole new world of opportunities in front of us. In this article we will discuss about that topic. As the rapid popularity of credit cards spread like wildfire throughout the globe, one after another key banking player introduced the system for their customers, which further boosted their prospects. In a very short span of the time credit cards became a global phenomenon.

American Express, an Introduction:

Coming to the Indian scenario, American Express gained the most out this situation as it captured the nascent market with all its strength and might. Even in face of growing competition from other banks, American Express has been able to maintain the edge till now, and whatever might be the place. Credit cards by ICICI are all time favorites for customers. This is because of their immense experience in creating and advertising credit cards in the financial market.

Classification of Credit Cards:

Credit cards are classified according to the added benefits they command apart from serving their prime purpose. We all know that platinum is the most expensive ornamental metal that we have at our disposal, dethroning gold and silver. Thus it is very easy and simple to deduce that a credit card belonging to the platinum range commands much more benefit than a gold or silver range. And not only has that, the platinum range credit cards also enhanced the social stature of the person owning it, increasing his social value. Apart from the classification in accordance to metals, the credit cards of the visa series are highly flexible and can be used anywhere in this world. For example a couple from Jaipur, on a vacation in Paris can use their visa credit card to buy stuffs from Paris, without even changing their money into local currency.


Apart from this ease, credit cards also bring a lot of hidden gifts, such as guaranteed discount on dining bills from selected restaurants; e-commerce sites regularly give discounts on purchases using a credit card. And in this ball game, the credit cards from American Express commands much more benefits, due to their tie-ups with a large number of restaurants, e-commerce sites and travel chains such as Makemytrip, Domino's, Pizza Hut and so on.

So to simplify things, it can be said that the American Express credit cards not only ease the burden of carrying hard cash with you, wherever you go, it also brings in a lot of added benefits in form of customer loyalty. If you are from a metro city like Jaipur, then to experience all the nuances of the ever glowing city life, you must have it .

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expected more

1 year ago | Raviteja Juvvanapudi
I have taken a credit card with American Express, they had promise to give 1.25 lakhs however bank has given only 80,000.They did not update my contact details correctly called customer service to change the details,they don't have the options. Lastly, I am not completely satisfied with their service.


I have my credit card approved with American Express Gold Card. and the experience was good, the process was smooth.

very good

1 year ago | SANDIP SAMAI
I had applied this credit card through online channel. It was a good experience. The credit limit was satisfactory.

No offers for shopping

1 year ago | Aruna Vaidhyanathan
This card don?t have lot of feature or facility.there is no offers for shopping. This things put this card in average group.

Impressive card

9 months ago | Sabyasachi Chakravarthy
I hold a American Express Gold Card ,i am satisfied with my limit. I have Earned 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs. 50 spent except for spends at Fuel, Insurance, Utilities and Cash Transactions.

Poor Service,highly dissappointed

2 years ago | Vaibhav Arora
I am not satisfied with the credit limit which they have provided me. I have not used this card much.The joining fee is very high.

Delightful experience with this card

2 years ago | Shekhar Bantu
Customer care is good and approachable 24x7

Overall expercience is very bad

1 year ago | Vishrudh
I am using American Express card and over all experience is very bad in terms of the services, facilities, offers and charges associated with the card.


1 year ago | Bishan Kuamr
You can earn 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for simply using your Card 4 times on transactions of Rs.1,000 and above every month

Customer services is very bad

1 year ago | Rahul Singh
I got this card form last 3 months and faced lots of problem in between. The customer service response towards the issue is also not very good. It is not worth it.

Offering lots of benefits

5 months ago | Updesh Kumar Kamboj
The cost of the card is very high as compared to other cards. But with that they are also offering you a lots of benefits in your day to day life.

Amazing card

1 year ago | Babli .
I have applied for this card about a month back, and I must say the process was so easy and fast I really got amazed. After they received my application of credit card the whole process of verification and dispatch of card to me was over in just under 7 days and I had a fully working credit card available with me along with good credit limit.

Excellent card

1 year ago | Siva Rama Krishna Kosuri
Over all experience is good. This card also has all the security features. With this card you can do safe and Secure transactions with enhanced security. It comes with an PIN-based EMV chip which adds a layer of protection and safeguards the card against fraud.

Satisfy with this card

The customer support service provided is very good. They took around 7 days to dispatch the card. The credit limit is good with this card and I would say, I am satisfied using this card.

Good card

9 months ago | Dalpatbhai Becharbhai Jogadiya
Earn 1 Membership Rewards Point on every 4 Rs. 50 spent except for spend at Fuel, Utilities, Insurance and Cash Transactions.

Good card

10 months ago | KATTOJU PAPAIAH
You can avail 2 complimentary visits per year to international lounges under the priority pass program. And 2 visits to domestic airport lounge. As i travel frequently it is a good useful card for me.

Great customer care service

I have been holding this card for the last six months, it has been good with all the service which they have been providing so far. the card has some good offers and benefits. Especially the reward points with the card has been good.

Good customer service

9 months ago | Satpal Singh Rathore
I have taken a credit card with American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card . The limit on the card is good.I have good reward points as well as redemption options are good. Customer service is good. Net banking as well the mobile app are working fine.

Earn more rewards points

1 year ago | Saikat Haldar
I hold the Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card. I used to earn more reward points with this card which can be redeemed easily.

Getting payback points with this card

1 year ago | Alok Chandra Sethi
The Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card gives you more than you can ask for with free movie tickets, complimentary airport lounge access and much more. With all this you get payback points.