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Our age, the 21st century is the age of innovations, technology and new thinking. And in such an age, our every day is deeply grasped by newer inventions which shapes our life. It is beyond any doubt that digitalization is the greatest boon that we have at our disposal. It not only revolutionized a lot of daily mundane activities such as Shopping, basic monetary transactions etc. , but also paved the way for globalization, pitching us into the well and close knitted global village of today. And in this surge of digitalization, credit cards are its main asset. Taking for example, even a few years back, withdrawing money from banks was nothing but a tedious task, consuming the entire day along with all energy and vigor. But the advent of the rectangular plastic card, changed everything. Now we have access to our money from anywhere across the world. There is absolutely no need for spending entire day at the bank queues to withdraw our very own hard earned money. This easy availability of money boosted another inevitability- commerce. The commerce of today is on par with the digital fever which has grasped the whole wide world. And thanks to credit card, we now have digital or e-commerce as mentioned before. There are a thousand and one benefit of digital Shopping, to begin with. Not only does it saves our precious time, but also brings the whole world at our palm, offering variety of products like never before. Thus the introduction of digital monetary transaction via credit card boosted the commercial ventures on a directly proportional scale.

With the growing popularity of digital banking and Shopping, all the leading banking giants were in a way compelled to offer the credit card services to their customers, and the Visa credit cards which can be used for Shopping at any place in this world became the most sought after service. In fact as days passed, immense possibility of this sector emerged, and the banks with their marketing skills managed to organize tie ups with a wide variety of service providers- from online e-commerce platforms to real world stores, from the finest dining destinations to the most exquisite travel websites; and as a result when a customer uses his credit card to digitally transact with any of the following service provider, he began to get exclusive offers and benefits in the form of guaranteed cash backs, flat discount and so on. The fervor became a global phenomenon in no time, and even in a developing country like India, people began to utilize these opportunities while Shopping. In growing Megapolises such as Bhavnagar, it is almost impossible to enjoy all the nuances of its ever growing and glowing urban life without credit cards, or rather digitalization has become an intricate part of our lives. Thus in today?s world, Shopping without credit cards is almost like eating without a dab of salt- things which just cannot flourish or survive without one another.

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1 year ago | Victor Singlai
I am not much satisfied withICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card. I am not sure about the reward points too. The net banking facility is fine. Not sure about the annual charge.


1 year ago | T. Shridhar
I had applied this credit card through online channel. It was a good experience with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card. The credit limit was satisfactory.


1 year ago | ajay kumar
My overall experience is good ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card

You can easily reedem your points with a phone call only

3 months ago | Suresh
My credit card was taken with ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card 1 year back. I am using this card from a very long time. I had lots of payback points. The good thing is that to redeem the points only you have to do is to call the customer call center once and they will redeem it.

Great to use

10 months ago | Sanjeev Kumar
My credit card was taken from jet airways ICICI Bank coral visa bank Credit Card . The charges are very less with the bank. I find this card great to use.

Lots of discount offered

11 months ago | Sonam Mohapatra
They give more option on the online shopping . This card is giving you discount on lifestyle outlets. And it is also giving discount on fuel.

Convinient net banking

1 year ago | Pulkit Mishra
I had submitted documents to process my card. Net banking is very much convenient to make payment. I am very happy and satisfied. They have good offers.

Excellent dineout experience

9 months ago | Tenali D
I own a Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card. I generally use this card only for hotel bookings. I normally use i assist to book my hotels. You also get to dine in luxury at the visa lounges at select airports in the country Ð you get 2 complimentary lounge visits per quarter.

Getting good rewards points usage of this card

1 year ago | Shreyashi Kar
I have been using this account for more than one and half years. Compared to other credit cards i am getting good reward points with the usage of this card.

Good card

1 year ago | Ranjit Tripathy
With all other benefits it prtovides credit shield of the coverage of 5 lakhs on outstanding. And you can also get personal accidental cover.

Great card

1 year ago | Majnoj Lohia
The best thing in this card is you can use this card worldwide to dispense cash. If you are a traveller then this card will be a great help. You can also avail the lounge access at international airports.

Having good credit limit

1 year ago | Kumar Rahul
There are good offers on the card and the credit limit is also good. There are no issues in the transactions while i use the card. The online facilities are up to the mark.

NO annual feewith this card

1 year ago | Devender Banothu
This credit card has a great interest rate and has no annual fee. It is accepted without question and I have had great service whenever I have contacted ICICI .

Good offer for movie lovers

1 year ago | Rabindra Kumar Paswan
I get offers like buy 1 get 1 movie tickets in this ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card. The experience is good, they have their mobile app facilities. It is easy to generate the pin online.

Excellent credit card

2 years ago | Amit Nandan Kumar
This is an excellent credit card for normal usage. There are lots of offers you can avail with this card. It's a very good card if you like shopping. Because you get quite a good amount of payback points.

Great feature with this card

1 year ago | Mercyebenezer L
The process to get the ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card was good. I have applied it via visiting bank. They assist me with explaining all the features and offers.

Lots of offer with this card

1 year ago | Girankumar G
I am using ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card from quite a long time. There are lots of offers you can avail with this card. It's a very good card. Because you get quite a good amount of payback points.

Good card

1 year ago | Khushaboo Agrawal
Free access to domestic airport lounges in india is a great benefit and these lounges are great to relax . With this card you can get this facility also. It gives you one free lounge access in every 3 months.

Average card

2 years ago | Gangadharam Obugani
This credit card facilitates you to earn bonus and reward points which are redeemable. On top of that it gives you the facility of cashback also.

Not up to mark

6 months ago | Ompal Singh
My credit card was approved by ICICI and the experience was not up to the mark. When i compared this card with other i find this card as the worst card.