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The phenomena we identify as consumerism has always existed in India, especially after the political independence of the country from British colonialism. It has seen an increase in recent years, chiefly following the process of liberalization that the Indian government has carried out and restructuring the Indian economy to the needs of the free market. This has increased the number of goods one can find in the market and consumers are left with the choice to buy the product that they like. But it so happens that most of these products can be highly priced and it might be out of the rich of ordinary consumers.

Therefore, Visa cards have made the very idea of buying up a large number of products into an easy affair. The speciality of Visa cards lie in the fact that they are, first of all, acceptable in a number of retail outlets not only within the territory of a given country but also in retail outlets around the world. This wide acceptability has enabled Visa cards to emerge as the popular card of choice for those who want to possess credit cards and use them to make purchases according to their lifestyle choices and their needs.

Visa cards, as we have noted, are actually credit cards that have been tasked to serve a particular purpose. In this case, they are used to aid the cardholder in purchasing consumable products and services from the market. Credit cards work in a very simple way, actually. They are in essence plastic cards that contain an attached microchip. The microchip is connected to the details of your account on the bank?s database. When you use your card to enact a transaction, the bank loans the amount incurred into your account, which is then transferred to the account of the retailer. In this way, with a Visa credit card, you do not ned to carry around hard currency to make purchases.

ICICI Bank Visa Credit Cards:

When it comes to anything that has to do with credit cards, ICICI Bank can be said to be a veritable pioneer in this field. Although credit cards had existed in India since the latter half of the 1980s, many people were not aware of its existence or did not have the means to possess one. Things drastically changed, however, with the deregulation and liberalization of the Indian economy by the Indian government in 1990-91. This led to the entry of free market dynamics and the entry of foreign companies and multi-national corporations in to the scene. The amount of profits accumulated over the years and led to the growth of a distinct Indian middle class with sufficient finances and purchasing power, which could reap the benefits that liberalization brought about.

In such a case, ICICI Bank led the role in not only making people aware of the existence of credit cards and their various kinds but also helped them to become accepted and popular among the population. Thus, credit cards by ICICI Bank would reflect this rich wealth of experience they have gathered over the two decades of their functioning.

ICICI Bank Visa credit cards are the manifestation of both the flexibility of Visa cards and the experience of ICICI Bank. These cards have deals and partnerships with major lifestyle brands, offering amazing deals and unbelievable discounts to those who purchase from these brands and consume their services. In this way, yet again, we have seen how ICICI Bank has revolutionized the Shopping experience for those who have the power to buy their luxurious products. So, if you are at Ahmedabad and if you wish to shop, you can always rely on your ICICI Visa credit card to make the entire experience memorable for you.

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9 months ago | Arif Shekh
I have not seen any offers on ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card from last one year I am using this credit card.ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card is are not providing notification to remind about the due date.


7 months ago | tripti
I have taken a credit card with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card ,the limit on the card is 42,000,I get good offers for shopping.


1 year ago | Paul John
The ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card was quick and fast , I have got the credit card within10 days of time. The customer support service was helpful in regards to my credit card application. The credit limit value is high and I am satisfied with it

Easy to use online portal

11 months ago | Neeraj Pandey
I am using ICICI ferrari signature credit card for the first time. The online portal is really easy to access. Mobile application is good to access and am happy with them till now. The card gives rewards points with each purchase. I pocket is really useful.

Making false promises

1 year ago | Prem Kumar
At the time of applying i was promised with the credit limit of 1 lakhs. But i didn't get that. What i get is very less and is no use for me. And when ever i want to talk about this the customer care personnel are not responding properly.

Good card

7 months ago | Master Arjun
MY credit card was taken with jet airways ICICI Bank coral visa Credit Card 1 year back. It has a high annual fee but the services are very good. So I never mind about the fee.

Shopping voucher is there

1 year ago | Lavanya Das
I hold a credit card with jet airways ICICI Bank coral visa Credit Card and the limit which i hold is 55000. I am getting many reward points . If I want I can convert them into shopping vouchers.

Best bonus and services

1 year ago | Ghungru Sharma
I got 2500 Bonus JPMiles upon paying the Joining Fee. With this I am getting best services from the bank.

Definitely recommended to other

7 months ago | Deepak M
I am happy with the services received with this card. Definitely a recommendable card. I got huge reward points as well as offers by using ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card.

Rate of interest is very high

1 year ago | Remya M M
As compared to other bank credit card the rate of interest is very high and has many hidden charges . The policy of this card is not as clear as others.

Good customer services

There is an annual fee charged for this credit card. The customer service and their response are quite good enough to resolve all your issues.