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Introduction to Credit Cards:

Credit cards are a veritable blessing to mankind, as it has eliminated the need to carry copious amounts of cash in one's pockets. They have enabled consumers to have access to purchase any kind of goods and services without the worry of not having enough money to buy them. It has practically reduced the relevance of hard currency and thus the need to carry it around. Credit cards have emerged as popular choice for many, especially who prefer to Travel and explore the world and who would not need to worry about the shortage of funds.

Benefits of Using Credit Cards for Travel:

Thus, if you want to Travel then credit cards is the best way to meet the expenses. After all, cards can be used in any kind of retail outlet anywhere on the planet. They can be used to withdraw hard cash from ATM kiosks at any time. In many legal jurisdictions, credit cards are considered to be a proper document that helps to establish the identity of the card bearer. Specialized credit cards that are issued solely for Travel purposes come loaded with Travel related benefits, including insurance and fuel waivers, things which drastically reduce the expenses involved one would otherwise incur on Travel.

ICICI Bank, the Best in Credit Cards:

And when it does come to credit cards that have been tailored made to meet the Travel requirements of people, ICICI Bank has been a pioneer in this field. It has to be noted that ever since the Indian economy has been liberalized in the 1990s, ICICI Bank has led to the popularization of credit cards among vast sections of the Indian middle class. Their specialty in making credit cards for specialized purposes matches their experience of meeting the demands of a growing consumer culture post-liberalization. Anything from the handiwork of ICICI holds immense prestige.

ICICI Bank Visa Credit Cards:

In this context, ICICI Bank has enabled the rise in popularity of Visa credit cards around the country. It is to be noted that Visa credit cards are optimal when it comes to acquiring branded goods and services, many of which offer discounts to Visa cardholders. Since Travel is nothing without buying something, these cards come especially handy which not only keep the budget of Travel under check but also lowers the cost of items that you might wish to buy. Thanks to pathfinders like ICICI Bank, Visa credit cards have found a niche among those in the country who want to Travel and shop.

Often, ICICI Bank credit cards have combined credit cards that pertain to meet Travel requirements with those that possess the characteristics of Visa cards. These hybrid credit cards provides immense convenience to those who not only wish to Travel and explore but also wish to experience and make memories by availing the goods and services of that locale. Now you can use one card to do everything and this card would in itself all of your expenses under one tab, which is very useful if you desire to keep your budget under tight control.

Best ICICI Bank Travel Visa credit cards in Alwar

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1 year ago | Bittu Ahamad
Happy with the service.


8 months ago | Najima Hussain
Can any body please tell me is there any annual fee applicable for this card


1 year ago | neetu hansda
My credit card was taken with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card 1 year back. The credit limit was quite good . Here the fees and charges are nominal . The customer service and responsivness was up to the mark.


3 months ago | dakch
I have a credit limit of 3 lakh for my Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card. I feel the charges are little high .The customer support is prompt The response is good,it is totally a good experience which I had Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card

Safe and secure

1 year ago | Nitin Munjal
I am using this card from last 2 years . The net banking is a good option for this card.the net banking of this card is very safe and secure.

Mobile app is easy to access

1 year ago | Tarun Devnani
I have taken a credit card with jet airways ICICI Bank coral visa Credit Card,I get good offers. Mobile application is good to access. Good card to use.

DonÕt like may more offer of this card

1 year ago | Anwar Ali
I don't like many of its offers. Specially they don't give good discount on fuel with this card.

Great offer with this card

1 year ago | Vasant Chhotelal Badgujar
Among the great offers and deals provided with this card, one of them is at the time of Annual Renewal on payment of the renewal fees, you will earn 5000 Bonus JPMiles post 90 days of annual card renewal date.

Affordable card

3 months ago | SUKHDEV SINGH
Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card offers you attractive repayment terms at affordable interest rates and flexible tenure at over 2000 consumer electronics outlets, e commerce sites and leading merchant outlets.

Credit limit is very less

7 months ago | NASIB KAUR
I have been using this card for the past two years, i usually use this card in a very minimal way. The credit limit which they had given me is a little less than what i expected.

Not up to mark

2 years ago | Suman Jain
I have been using the card for past 2 months.I have taken Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card through online channel.But the credit limit given is not up to the mark.

Satisfy with this card

1 year ago | Laxmi M
I have taken a credit card from Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card, the credit card is user friendly i could use it for every purpose and get benefits. I am satisfied with this card . I would recommend this card to others.

Bad card

10 months ago | Varalinga Prasad Surasura
As a normal card, this is pretty much useless with low returns and high interest rates.

Good to have this card

2 years ago | PARVIN KUMAR
As i am using it for last 2 years and i haven't spent any reward points till now. I can use it at once also as the reward point does not expires.

Bad card

8 months ago | Sanjaya Kumar Satapathy
At the time of applying i was promised with the credit limit of 2 lakhs. But i didn't get that. And when ever i want to talk about this the customer care personnel are behaving rudely. They don't have any work ethics.

Good card

2 years ago | Ashish Jivanlal Khandar
Its not so good card to use for those who travel frequently. As a traveller you just get free access to airport lounges nothing more.

Happy with this card

2 years ago | Bhaskar Raj S
I hold a Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card and i am very happy with the service provided .The fees and charges will be waived off if the purchase exceed 1.5Lakh per year.

EMI option is there with this card

1 year ago | Snehalata Behera
EMI option is there with this card. Purchase anything that you want and pay in easy instalments. To get this facility you have to give a call at the call center within 30 days of your purchase. And they will do the needful.

Satisfy with this card

1 year ago | Parashmani Phukan
I have taken a credit card from ICICI bank. The card is very easy to handle. I can use this card for every purpose and get benefits. I am satisfied with this card . I would recommend this card to others.

Getting manymore points with this card

1 year ago | Subhra Rani Nayak
I am using this card from a very long time. I have earned bonus points as well as lots of reward points, which can be redeemed easily by calling customer care and they provide you the facility to redeem those points.