Platinum Visa credit cards of ICICI Bank for Shopping in Belonia

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Introduction to Pioneers, ICICI Bank:

If there is any bank that has pioneered the significant presence of credit cards that we witness today, ICICI Bank deserves all the credit and much more for popularising the use of credit cards in the Indian financial sector. Although credit cards had existed in India since the second half of the 1980s, it wasn?t widely available and many people were not even aware of the existence, let alone the benefits, of credit cards. It was primarily due to the efforts of ICICI Bank in the decade following Liberalization to bring the notion of credit cards in to the mainstream of Indian fiscal discourse.

Introduction to Credit Cards:

Often, the mind would desire to buy exotic goods and services, or just to shop wantonly. However, Shopping is definitely an expensive affair. The very act of Shopping itself from one place to another may involve the lion?s share of the expenditure you might incur, that too, if you are on the road and exploring new places to shop from. While carrying hard currency might sound like a good idea at first, there would always be the worry of either not possessing sufficient cash to pay or bills or losing the money you had and getting yourself into a dire and uncomfortable situation.

With credit cards, however, things tend to become a lot easier and uncomplicated. They are essentially plastic cards that have an attached microchip. The microchip in question is digitally connected to your bank account. Whenever you make a purchase using your credit card, the bank is notified and they loan the amount of the transaction to you, from where you are able to pay for what you have bought. This therefore eliminates the need to carry cash around, and the stress that are associated with it. Of course, you have to repay the amount the bank loaned to you on a monthly basis.

Platinum and Visa Cards:

There are a plethora of credit cards that are currently available, and each set of cards have differentiated based on the function they have been assigned by the bank of their issue. The kind of credit card that you would select for Shopping is lifestyle credit cards. Most Indian banks offer credit cards that can be used for Shopping and sundry expenses. Most of these cards have been further categorized into different types that cater to the different needs for shoppers. One of the most commonly encountered types is the Platinum cards, which offer amazing features and astonishing benefits for its holders.

Another type of card that is very popular not only in India, but around the world, is the Visa card and they can be used to buy a large number of goods and services no matter where you go and where you are. Visa cards are without exception universally accepted at retail outlets around the world, making it easier for you to purchase different things from different places provided you own a Visa card in your pocket.

ICICI Platinum Visa Credit Card:

The innovative genius of ICICI Bank lies in the fact that they have been able to synthesize a revolutionary concept where they have combined the luxuries afforded by Platinum cards and the extreme accessibility of goods and services that is available with Visa cards. The end result is the creation of ICICI Bank Platinum Visa credit card that combines the best of two worlds. Now not only can you shop easily but also you can use the same card to travel the world too, if you so want. With this card in your possession, you can expect to buy the best things from Belonia without encountering any sort of inconvenience.

Bes tPlatinum Visa credit cards of ICICI Bank for Shopping in Belonia

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7 months ago | sourabh parihar
I hold reward plus cash back in my Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card ,but the credit limit was very low and not satisfactory . Their customer service and responses was also not up to the mark.

Great for shopping

1 year ago | Rizwan Ali
It is a good experience with Jet Airways ICICI Bank coral visa Credit Card . This card is giving you offer at life style and many other outlet to let you shop more.

Enjoying this card

11 months ago | Reshmi Meher
Having this card allows you the eligibility for exclusive delights like dining deals from luxury hotels, discounts at lifestyle stores and spas. Also, you get to enjoy Global Emergency Assistance Service for reporting a lost card and for emergency card replacement.

Nothing in this card

1 year ago | Fenny Fernadis
I am not completely satisfied with Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card.There is nothing in this card which will give you proper profit.

Great card

1 year ago | Paleti Prathyusha
Best cash back Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card for everyday purchases that you will pay in full without hassle of activating bonus cash back as required with other cards.

Average card

3 months ago | Sailaja Kambhampati
I've been using the Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral Visa Credit Card for a while. The service is fine but not all the merchants are accepting this card as a mode of payment.

Good customer services

2 years ago | Bhavya C
The customer service experience is very good with this card. They have a dedicated timeline for all the queries raised by the customers. Overall experience is good.